This land use case was issued by Lukey Kwadraat

Socfin (SAC)- Sierra Leone

  • Socfin (SAC) is owned by Socfin, a company, originally from Luxembourg.
  • Name of corresponding map in the land use cases panel: Socfin (SAC) – Sierra Leone
  • At the northern side of the present plantation, in Google Maps an extension can be seen. This extension will be added to the map in near future.

Company website

The Socfin (SAC) website can be found here.



Characteristics of investment

The Socfin investment in the neighboorhood of Pujehun, Sierra Leone has had a profound affect on local communities.

Investment: Socfin- Sierra Leone
Investor: Socfin
Country of origin: Luxembourg
Crop Palm tree
Purpose Palm oil production
Acreage (according to company) 7112 ha
Benefits for local communities
Some workforce needed
Disadvantages for local communities
Access to land is limited
Affected communities
About 40 local communities are directly affected by Socfins presence. These communities can be shown on the map.