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The Land Use Monitor can be helpful for anyone with an interest in land issues. Whether you work with a NGO, are a researcher or consultant or are a journalist or lobbyist, the Land Use Monitor and its partners can be important for your work. Find out how by clicking the diagram below (which will then open in a new window).


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The land use monitor is in the process of adding mining & agricultural concessions to the map. A separate menu option has been added for this purpose in the map window (Concessions on the map). The concession that are present now are based on information from Global Forest Watch (palm oil concessions) and OpenOil.net (oil concessions). More concessions will be added in near future, so stay tuned! Do you know of concessions that you would like to see on the map? Please send an email!

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The Land Use Monitor is happy to introduce The Coalition Factory as a new partner. The Coalition Factory is a group of enthusiastic experts providing advisory services and technical assistance to development partners in low and middle income countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. Our expertise is in economic development, human resource development and human rights. Together with The Coalition Factory the Land Use Monitor offers tailor-made analysis tools. You can find moren on these tools here.

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addaxWelcome to The Land Use Monitor website. On The Land Use Monitor, information on land use by foreign companies and the ways in which this land use is affecting local communities is published. In the upcoming weeks and months this website will be further developed and information will be added. The website is initiated by The Land Use Monitoring Initiative in which you can participate. You can find information on The Land Use Monitoring Initiative on the website as well.

Please have a look at the website and feel free to drop an email if you have any questions or comments.