This land use case was issued by Lukey Kwadraat

Kerekeya uranium mine – Malawi

  • The Kerekeya uranium mine is partially owned by Paladin Africa Limited (PAL). PAL is a 85% subsidiary of Paladin Energy. The Paladin Energy head office is in Perth, Australia. The government of Malawi holds 15% of the PAL ownership.

Company website

The Paladin Energy website can be found here.


Characteristics of investment

The Kerekeya uranium mine is located in the northern part of Malawi, 52 km west of the city of Karonga.

Investment: Kerekeya uranium mine- Malawi
Investor: Paladin Africa Limited (PAL)

Paladin Energy (85%), Government of Malawi (15%)

Country of origin: Australia
Mineral mineral
Purpose uranium mining
Acreage (according to company) unknown
Acreage (on map) approximately 3.7 km²
Employment (according to company) unknown
Benefits for local communities
Disadvantages for local communities
Spill-overs of radioactive waste water was reported. There were conflicting reports on this matter. NGO’s are worried about the security measures in place. There are concerns in regard with potential pollution risks.
Affected communities
Kerekeya village is one of the affected communities.