Impact assessments of land deals by The Coalition Factory – The Coalition Factory recognises the importance of using new and existing technology and media for our research and analysis work. Since 2012 we started working with Lukey Kwadraat on the development of GIS tools and training-materials to work with Public and Non-Public Partners on data-collection and analysis in order to develop useful maps and databases identifying and illustrating the effects of large land deals for agriculture, mining and industry for the people in mostly rural communities in different countries in Africa and Asia.

The data collected and the maps produced through the Land Use Monitor together with our expertise on the development of effective multi-actor mechanisms helps the different actors including public and non-public organisations and companies to enter into constructive dialogue on how to mitigate the risks for the people in the affected local communities in terms of reduced food security, livelihood deterioration, economic and social challenges.

The Coalition Factory assists governments and companies with designing investments in such a way that the people in the affected local communities are reached and duly informed about the effects of the investment, the changes in their environment and on how they will benefit from these investments in terms of increased economic activities, employability and improved basic services. The Coalition Factory recognizes the need for making investments beneficiary for both investors and communities.