This land use case was issued by Lukey Kwadraat

Koidu Holdings – Sierra Leone

  • Koidu Holding is owned by BSG Resources, a company registered at Guernsey, UK.



Characteristics of investment

The Koidu Holdings investment in the neighboorhood of the city of Koidu, Sierra Leone has had a very profound impact on the city of Koidu. The Koidu open pit diamond mine is located directly adjacent to the city. From time to time explosives are used in the mine which causes clearly noticeable tremblings (small earthquakes) and rock debris being blown away.

Investment: Koidu Holdings- Sierra Leone
Investor: Koidu Holdings
Country of origin: Guernsey (UK)
Minerals Diamonds
Purpose Diamond Mining
Acreage (on map) 417 ha
Benefits for local communities
Disadvantages for local communities
Access to land is limited
Blasts trigger small earthquakes and spread rock debris
Affected communities
Koidu city