Sunbird Bioenergy Africa Ltd. is “a developer and operator of sustainable bioenergy projects across Sub-Saharan Africa”. Sunbird is operating bioenergy projects in Zambia, Zimbabwe and, since September 2016, Sierra Leone. Sunbirds Bioenergy headquarters is located on Mauritius. In September 2016 a majority share (75.1%) of Addax Bioenergy was transferred from AOG to Sunbird Bioenergy Africa Ltd.  AOG is still owning a 24.9% share in Addax Bioenergy. The company website can be found here. The countries in which Sunbird Bioenergy Africa Ltd. is working can be plotted on the map by choosing cc7 – Sunbird Bioenergy Africa Ltd HQ and plantations in the “Companies on the map” panel.

sl1 – Addax Bioenergy – Sierra Leone (sugar cane)

Kawambwa ethanol and power project – Zambia (cassave)

Mushumbi Pools cassave to bioethanol project – Zimbabe (cassave)