This land use case was issued by Lukey Kwadraat

Addax – Sierra Leone

  • Addax Bioenergy was started by AOG. Nowadays Addax Bioenergy is operated by Sunbird Bioenergy Africa Ltd who holds a 75.1% share in the company. AOG still holds a 24.9% minority share in Addax Bioenergy.
  • Name of corresponding map in the land use case panel: Addax – Sierra Leone



Characteristics of investment
The Addax Bioenergy investment in the neighboorhood of Makeni, Sierra Leone has had a profound effect on local communities.

Approximatly 50 communties are found on or near the Addax sugar cane plantation. Addax is growing sugar cane in large irrigated circle shaped “pivots”. These pivots can easily be seen on Google Maps sattelite imagery. Based on the february 2014 imagery 95 pivots could be identified and plotted.

The Addax plantation is still under development which means that the total number of pivots will eventually be significantly higher. This also explains why some pivots could only be plotted partially: they were not finished yet. Addax is planning to develop over 150 pivots in the end.

Investment: Addax- Sierra Leone
Investor: originally AOG, since september 2016 Sunbird Bioenergy holds a 75.1% share in Addax bioenergy
Country of origin: Mauritius
Crop sugar cane
Purpose ethanol production
Acreage (according to company) project area: 14300 ha and sugar area: 10000 ha
Acreage (on map) The contour of the plantation area is approx. 21000 ha. The acreage of the 95 pivots on the map is approx. 6100 ha (based on Google maps imagery, 5-2-2014)
Employment (according to company) 3600 (march 2015)
Benefits for local communities
some workforce needed
Disadvantages for local communities
access to land is limited
Affected communities
Approx. 50 local communities are found on or in the direct neighboorhood of the Addax plantation. These communities can be shown on the map.