This land use case was issued by Lukey Kwadraat

Okomu Oil Palm Company – Nigeria

  • The Okomu Oil Palm Company is partially owned by Socfin. The Socfin headoffice is in Luxembourg.
  • Name of corresponding map in the landuse case panel: Okomu – Nigeria

Company website

The Okomu Oil Palm Companies website can be found here.


Characteristics of investment

The Okomu investment is located 45 km west of Benin City, Nigeria.

Investment: Okomu- Nigeria
Investor: Socfin
Country of origin: Luxembourg
Crop Palm tree
Purpose Palm oil and rubber production
Acreage (according to company) 9718 ha oil palm and 7572 ha rubber (according to 2013 annual report)
Acreage (on map) Approx. 1486 ha. A nearby plantation of approxamatly 200 ha could be part of Okomu. This has not been confirmed yet.
Employment (according to company) 693 (2013, annual report)
Benefits for local communities
Some workforce needed
Disadvantages for local communities
Access to land is limited
Affected communities